The Mirror of Erised

A Post-Potter Original Character site

Things have been relatively quiet since the fall of Lord Voldemort at the Battle of Hogwarts in 1997. The occasional dark artifact has been found. And of course there was that pesky business with Harry Potter’s son and his friends. But everything else has, otherwise, seemed to be fairly peaceful since his demise. The wizarding world has been continuing on with relative ease. And now in the year 2068, memories of the once powerful Dark Lord are all but forgotten. Life is quiet.

Quiet, however, does not always mean that there is nothing to fear…

In the dark, seedy underbelly of the wizarding world, there are 3 names that are spoken in hushed whispers. There are 3 families, each vying to fill the void that Voldemort left. These families are the Avery family, the Burke family, and the Rosier family.

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