The Lost Generation

1920s Historical RP in Liverpool, UK

The Lost Generation - 1920s Historical RP in Liverpool, UK

The year is 1919 and the volunteered soldiers of WW1 have just returned to their homes and jobs in Liverpool, UK. For the wealthy proprietors, life has never been better due to the industrial boom allowing them to live hedonistic lifestyles. However, the poor are still poor and in the dark alleys of town crime is still a way to make ends meet. With the revolution happening in Ireland tensions have increased between the British and the Irish. No matter where you sit, life is not really dull in the 20s. *Inspirations around The Great Gatsby, Peaky Blinders, Chicago, Metropolis and more. I am literally just opening the doors to the first wave of characters and plotting. See something missing? This is an opportunity to add to lore from the start.

  • 3/3/3 rated
  • Dark Themes welcomed.
  • Jcink forum with Fancy custom skin
  • Plot focus areas to help bring people together
  • Canon -Positions- that are customizable (including Faceclaims)
  • Always open to Originals
  • Historical focus (no magic or creatures)
  • Profile applications
  • Board will age through the years over time.
  • Relaxed atmosphere.

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