The Golden Door

A Modern New York Harry Potter RPG

New York City, 2016. Beneath a skyline that does not sleep, and beyond the noise of rush hour traffic, the Magical Community of New York is barely masked. From the looming MACUSA Headquarters, to seemingly abandoned subway stations, the city is host to a vibrant and diverse urban sprawl of magic.

A train ride away, the town of Sleepy Hollow boasts an idealistic New England boarding school. But the grounds of Hulda Van Tassel's School of Magic are anything but sleepy. Equal parts Americana and Ilvermorny's modern, loud little sister, HvT (as the kids call it) is a place where students routinely begin their educations before possessing a wand. Quodpot is king, Spring Break is a thing, and gossip spreads faster than the flurries of owls can carry it. Students are free to roam the town itself, which plays host to many a quirkly little business.

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