The Fallen World

The Fallen World is an online Freeform Role-Playing organization that is fantasy and historical based, open to anyone who would like to join

The Fallen World - The Fallen World is an online Freeform Role-Playing organization that is fantasy and historical based, open to anyone who would like to join

War has ravaged the world. It is no longer as it once was, nor will it ever be again. The Roman Empire has grown in strength while the Byzantine Empire has fallen and the Egyptian Empire seems to be at the brink of the same destruction. Archon demons and their pawns have unleashed their wrath upon the living that venture into the Marakian Dimension, and slowly they push their armies to spill upon the Earth, most notably taking over the Capital of Gaul and the Byzantine Empire.

Fallen Angels seek now more than ever, a way to destroy these demons once and for all, the rebirth of the Illimar only meant to facilitate that end. Man has been oblivious to this battle, though suddenly is thrust into a world of the Supernatural without enough knowledge to defend themselves and their homes. Suddenly, Rome and its leaders have been thrust into a new war, a war that doesn’t expand the Roman Empire, but engulfs all mankind. Common men and women begin to join and lend aid to those whom are willing to fight for their very lives and culture. What will become of the world when there is more than ever a need for unity to survive, when for years, the only thing they knew was to stay above the waters from the conquering of one another? Will they fall and bow to the Demons? Will they seek out and find the resources of Supernatural elements to raise arms against them? Will they remain divided to fall or will they unite to stand?

There are rumors of a secret way inside the Underground World of the IV Marakian Beasts. The Beasts that are said to have caused the great break, the great shift in reality, Beasts that feast and slumber and know only death and chaos; Gods of a world alien to Earth. Some claim to have found it; others claim to have been there. In this place, there are great secrets and mysteries of the ancient and dark world that has cast a shadow over mankind.

But beware of what lurks in the deep, dark places of time, for if it is true, that some have been there, they may no longer be who they appear to be. Seek the great Sorcerer ‘Bayloc’ and you ~may~ gain vast powers that far surpass those that walk the Earth and the Marakai with you. Perhaps the Oracle of Escharia can guide you to him with her sight. The way is long and winding, dangerous and vague, fogged by rumor and myth. But those who seek are likely to find. And those who find are often rewarded.

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