The Fair Folk of Elfame

A fragile peace. A messenger's curse. Will harmony reign?

A tenuous peace has formed been forged between the Seelie and Unseelie Courts of the Fae, bringing to a close a bloody war that lasted for millenia. Solar Princess Eilidh is to wed Lunar Prince Astrophel, binding the two courts together as one. But Astrophel is none too happy about this, and with little wonder -- his father's original choice for a monarch, his brother, has been cursed. While some pray that the peace will last, others strive to destroy the fragile bonds that hold the kingdoms together.

You will have the opportunity to roleplay as a fae of any status, or even a mayfly (human) if you so choose. Choose a side, or attempt to ignore the conflict. This roleplay centres around the daily lives of the fae and mayflies of Elfame, from those most involved in the political world to those who live almost ordinary lives, albeit with a sprinkle of magic. Though activity is encouraged, we have no activity requirements! Same goes for the word count.

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