The Dusk Eaters

An alternate history PBEM with powers

The Dusk Eaters is set in the U.S. during the Roaring Twenties, just a few short months before the stock market collapse that leads to the Great Depression. Our game follows a ragtag group of outsiders with special abilities known as Gifts, just trying to make a living the best they know how: By banding together to form the Midnight Circus. What began with the intention of providing safety in numbers for the assorted outcasts that make up the Circus has grown over the years into a clannish family who would do nearly anything to protect their own.

Because if the secret of the Circus ever gets out - if the townies ever learn that the tricks aren't all fake, that the magic isn't all smoke and mirrors... They'll need each other more than ever.


The Dusk Eaters is an 18+ alternate history sci-fi game set in 1929. It's a little bit Carnivàle, a little bit X-Men, and we heavily encourage leaning into all aspects of the jazz age - within reason - for influence and inspiration. This is a writing based, play-by-post roleplaying game done via, using Discord for OOC communication.

If you've never written in a play-by-post game before, it's essentially turn-based collaborative storytelling. It's pretty quick to pick up, and we're happy to help with any questions, concerns, beta-reading, etc. The same goes for if you've never used or Discord before!

As a heads up, this is a free-form storytelling game with original lore and does not use D&D 5e or other existing systems. There are no dice or levels, combat and interactions are resolved through discussion and writing, and the focus is on character and story development.


  • This is an adult game with adult themes. No players under 18 without exception.

  • This is an LGBTQ+ friendly, anti-racist, anti-sexist, anti-bigot game, again, without exception. Characters may have personal opinions that differ in game, but bigotry in players is unacceptable.

  • Joining this game is a commitment to being able to post at least once a week. Being unable to meet that commitment on occasion due to IRL reasons is understandable and something we will make room for if you reach out to us, but if you regularly find that you don't have even an hour a week to post every week, this game isn't for you.

  • Knowledge of the late 1920s/early 1930s in the U.S. isn't required to play in this game, but interest is. We don't keep strictly to the script on history here, but it should affect your character and not simply be a backdrop that could be easily exchanged for any other setting.

  • Original characters only. Getting inspired by other characters (either in-game or out) is fine, but your character must be uniquely yours.

  • You must either have or be willing to use Discord and

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