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The Past is not lost – the Past lives inside us. Encoded in a double helix are the experiences of our ancestors. After three decades of research our engineers have forged the cutting edge of biotechnological interfaces. We have unlocked the lives of our ancestors, we have opened a window into the pass. This is total immersion entertainment. With a press of a button you will experience the most pivotal moments of history, all from the comfort of home.

Welcome to Helix. Where the past is your playground.

All that advertising spiel aside, seriously, welcome Initiate. To a war that has been waging for centuries. To most people you mention the Templars and they think of people in chainmail wielding long swords and with crosses emblazoned on their tunics with red. Admittedly this was a thing once, but that’s getting ahead of ourselves. So the long story short here is that the Templars are typically the ‘bad’ guys. If you’re an assassin – or an initiate, or just someone generally decent who believes in the freedom of humanity. Again, though getting ahead of ourselves. Let’s focus on the core shall we. Who’s who, all that information.

First – earth hasn’t always been inhabited by Humans. Before we came about was the ‘First Civilisation’, also known as the Precursors. They…created us as slaves. However, one precursor and their slave…loved each other very much. And children were born – Adam and Eve. Much…fornication later and you got the Assassins. Immune to the controlling effects of the objects the Precursors used to control their slaves, they caused merry hell, and much chaos. Until a solar flare wiped out almost all the precursors, and much of humanity.

Some precursors survived, sort of. There’s one who is basically a computer program now. She shows up, causes glitches and other computer problems. But anyway, you may be asking what this has to do with modern day, just getting to that now. But first back to the precursor artefacts – they’re also called Pieces of Eden. Throughout the ages Assassins and Templars have fought for control of these – for two very separate reasons. The Assassins see them as items that can gift humanity knowledge, but equally as something to defend from the Templars.

The templars see them as means to control the population. Nothing more, nothing less. Just control. For to them perfect order, perfect control, to turn humanity to slaves other than the ‘chosen ones’ (other high ranking templars) is the natural order we must return to. Times have changed though since the assassins and Templars fought physically. Even the name of our enemy has changed, or at least its created its own public face. Abstergo, and its subsidiary company Abstergo Entertainment. You may have heard of the Helix Entertainment System? Yep that’s a Templar device, with its own secret hidden function. While you are enjoying the entertainment, they are mining your DNA – looking for either those with high Precursor DNA, or clues to more Pieces of Eden.

Our war is no longer open battleground – other than when we come into direct contact with them (they have their own group of dedicated Assassin hunters) – now it is a war for knowledge. That, is where you come in. We know you were likely hired by Abstergo, or you are just a browser of their entertainment library – looking for your next kick, your next thrill – however we need you. Will you join us as one of our Initiates? You can still trawl through history, get your entertainment fix, however you’ll be helping us protect your freedom. We’ll be sitting watching your sessions, looking for clues as to where the next piece of Eden is, nothing painful. If you prove yourself you may even meet other members of the brotherhood.

The choice, however, is yours.

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