Tainted Onez

A sandbox/panfandom that allows writers to RP the way they want.

We have:
  • Free RPG styles - allows you to RP how you like.
  • Both Site-wide and RP Quests.
  • Monthly events both Site wide and RP events.
We Want:
  • Writers 18+ (this is both due to NSFW content as well as maturity)
  • Staff members
  • Active!
  • Willing to write on a forum!
Tainted Onez is a fantasy theme sandbox/panfandom RPG that allows members to play as they like in the set worlds of Original, fandom, and other. There is no word nor character limit. Create the lores of the Worlds and leave your mark.

Other then that, there is no site plot and members can create RP groups and onexone rps. There will be RP Events to help build World Lores and help you add more to your characters.

Come help build the lores of our worlds.