Still Of The Night

What happens when one day some of the residents of Mayville wake up with incredible powers?

Mayville is a beautiful town surrounded by green forest, full of people that love their lives, and love each other.
Yes, it used to be the perfect place to live for everyone, until everything changed. Everything changed dramatically.
One day, there was a leak in one toxic waste tank contaminating Mayville and it's residents, leaving them with powers.
Some of them could read minds of other humans, while others had enhanced strength, speed and even more dangerous abilities.
What could it all lead to? Of course to a disaster. Some of the people with powers, also called evolved humans, decided to use their
powers for evil, while most of them were totally confused and didn't know what they could do with these powers and abilities.
And than the serious crimes started taking place, which couldn't be explained by even the best cops and investigators.
Mayville - a perfect, beautiful, ideal town turned into a disaster. To a place where everyone was afraid to live.
Is it possible to survive when you don't know that your best friend or even brother might be one of them?
Is it possible to survive in the city of disaster? Is it possible to survive in the.. Still of the night?