Spirits Of The Earth

An original medieval high fantasy game.

Connlaoth: a nation of tradition, warfare and industry, always struggling to protect the land from the dark taint of magic.Adela: A warlike people boasting the unmatched power of dragonriders.Serendipity: An ecclectic, colorful nation of magic, mages and free-thinkers.Thanatos: A lush island nation devoted to the complex (and misunderstood) practices of necromancy, where honor, legacy, and family reign supreme.
And Yoreiq: An island chain with a rich culture and equally colorful people.

Here you will find exotic city-states and thriving kingdoms, miles of untamed wilderness to explore and untold adventures to discover. Here gather the highborn and low, the fettered and free, the innocent and corrupt, to tell their stories.

Original high fantasy in a medieval setting.

Going strong since Dec. 13th, 2000...this game will never die on you!

Always active and forever friendly! IC posts made every day.

Epic, growing world that you can contribute to directly.

Admins always available and approachable.

Laid back, drama-free community.

Joining is fast and simple.

Tons of countries, cultures, and locations for you to explore!

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