Something Wicked

Supernatural Island with a mystery. Who killed Ravenna Wilde?

Something Wicked - Supernatural Island with a mystery. Who killed Ravenna Wilde?

Welcome to Conjure Island.

It’s as mystical as its name suggests, only, you may not remember.

A coven of Witches has inhabited this land for centuries, so when humans began to develop a wilderness retreat there, the Mystics were not happy. A large group of strangers were shipped out to the Island to be the first to test it out. It went relatively well, until nearing the end of the Summer when someone…attacked and killed one of the Coven’s members Ravenna Wilde.

They couldn’t prove who did it, so they decided to take revenge on them all. One by one, the Island’s visitors were taken in the night, and over time their memories erased. Now, a year later they’ve ‘arrived’ on the Island with new memories, new identities. Their lives loved ones and events of the past summer completely forgotten.

They are now held captive by the Witches themselves who in disguise are running the retreat, keeping an eye on and manipulating their captives so they can discover which one of them has the violent nature it took to commit the vicious crime.

Communication with the mainland is non-existent and there is no way to escape, or so it seems. A handful of Renegade visitors escaped and have been living together in a camp in hiding, trying to plan an escape, protect themselves from capture and fight to bring their friends and loved one’s memories back.

Will they succeed? And who killed Ravenna Wilde?

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