An original scifi fantasy game and world building project. Since 2002.

Shadowlack - An original scifi fantasy game and world building project. Since 2002.

Shadowlack is a Science Fantasy Play by Post RPG and World Building Project centralized around the planet Ramath-lehi. From its three moons (two of which are colonized), its vast continents, its diverse flora and fauna, its source of magic via the spirit world Fronima, to its space-faring inhabitants — Shadowlack is a truly engaging collaborative game. Shadowlack was originally founded in 1997, and made its debut online in 2002.

Shadowlack is wedged tightly between two genres: low Science Fiction and Fantasy, making it a Science Fantasy game. Science Fiction because it takes place after the destruction of what we know of as Earth, and on a completely different planet called Ramath-lehi. Humans no longer exist and the inhabitants of Ramath-lehi are capable of faster-than-light space travel. The Fantasy element is present in the underlying form of magic, which draws itself from what Ramathians refer to as Fronima (the Spirit World).

Play-by-Post Features
  • Create multiple characters underneath a single user login. No need to create and link multiple accounts!
  • Character registry with statistics and individual character profiles
  • Character defined plot hooks and relationships
  • Automatic thread logs
  • Upload character avatars and banners
  • Change the default sort order of your character in your profile
  • Select your character when making an In Character post
  • Easily define a timestamp when you start a new roleplay thread
  • A Buzz Board for In Character gossip
  • Fancy BBcode for quick and easy Ramathian translations: «Iyo uja ull ufatyna gaygla! »
  • Collect Glims by roleplaying
General Site Features
  • A virtual shop to spend you hard-earned glims
  • Live alert notifications! The site's favicon will update whenever you have a new alert if Shadowlack currently isn't your active tab.
  • Tell everyone what you're up to by posting your status!
  • Ability to notify/tag someone in a post to bring it to their attention. Example: @Iversia
  • "Like" posts that other players have created
  • Automated trophies based on: likes, post counts, characters, registration, and more!
  • Special user medals
  • Facebook Integration: Link your Shadowlack account to your Facebook account and use Facebook to login. It's easy. =D
  • Send private messages to more than one player at once to start up a conversation.
  • Easily see all of the recent activity at Shadowlack
  • Get Connected: Follow people in order to see their activity and content that they post and share on Shadowlack
  • Tag your threads with keywords so that other people may find them easier
  • Gender as a Text Field
  • Help spread Shadowlack around the internet by using one of our many new social sharing plugins
  • A fully integrated wiki
  • A media gallery for sharing artwork and videos
  • A yearly competition that rewards your participation in NaNoWriMo
  • #hashtagging
  • Badass smilies

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