Semper Eadem

A modern royalty au | jcink prem | 3-3-3

Semper Eadem - A modern royalty au | jcink prem | 3-3-3

Site Name: Semper Eadem
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Activity Requirements: We require 2 posts per character, and ask our members to respond to monthly activity checks.
Rating: L3/S3/V3.

Types of Characters/Creatures Allowed: Humans who happen to be British royalty, aristocrats, nobles, dukes, barons, etc. Our site's focus is exclusively the British court.

Time where the RP is set: Present/Modern AU.


Beneath the seemingly perfect veneer simmers a tale that is close to dying with the older generation.

It's a story that began with a forbidden love that turned sour, and ended in fraught rivalries that dismissed the mellowing nuances. Little do our London high society inhabitants know, the effects of it still ripple to this day.

Our characters - who are largely unaware or have forgotten the details of what brought them to this state of affairs - are dealing with the direct consequences of a long-standing enmity; slowly discovering an unknown puppet-master's invisible strings as they navigate their hyper-privileged lives.

With the death of King James and the rise of King Alexander comes a new opportunity to discover and - perhaps - dissolve those long-standing grudges, or find a reason to deepen divides. Though who's to say that one thing is more desirable than the other? Is it time for justice to be dealt decisively? Or shall the will of a vengeful few poison the present and cast a long shadow into the future?

As King Alexander assumes his role, will older generations stand by their young ruler and give him an opportunity to prove himself worthy, or will younger nobles shake up the establishment with ideas of what their future and high society should look like?

The core players of this plot are spread out across all canon families. This plot will unfold overtime, with quarterly events, rumor/gossip drops, ic discoveries, secret document reveals, and more.

Other Notes: We are a mature, laid-back community of passionate, mostly 30-something writers. We've got a low threshold for bs and welcome likeminded, advanced lit folks who value having a sane place where muses are allowed to unwind. While plot is driven by canons, we also welcome the muses of those who'd like to bring their OCs to life in our setting.

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