Savage West RPG

Savage West, a supernatural western rpg

Savage West RPG - Savage West, a supernatural western rpg

Our game begins...

March 1872 in Denver City

It's a young, rapidly growing city, finally linked to the nation by the Denver Pacific Railway. The capital of Colorado Territory, the future of becoming a regional metropolis is just over the horizon, as well as finally becoming a state. All sorts of folk have already established themselves in here, and many more are coming in to start new lives, new beginnings. Millionaires are acquiring land and establishing mansions, while poverty and crime also digs its roots.

A dark underbelly grows all the while.
Unbeknownst to humans, vampire rule has expanded into the territory. Arapahoe, Douglas, and Jefferson Counties have been given to a new Baron. The Territory itself is ruled by a Duke. And weres find themselves at odds with the fangs. Vampires claim their rule is only over their own kind, but vampires have always been duplicitous and power-hungry. The vampire queen of the country promises peace and yet even she is having a hard time controlling her subordinates.

Hunters, who fight the good fight on behalf of fellow mortals, struggle with the supernatural species and are often torn between continuing their old ways of eradication and supporting efforts of peace.

The witches of the east coast have long-established covens, full of history and ancestral power. However, there are no covens in this part of the country, none that are officially organized, anyway. Witches who have moved into the area, or are headed this way are in search of something different, following their freedom, risking it all in search of new magic.

Magic, however, has always been in the territory and will remain there. Although the native peoples have faced so much war, genocide, forced displacement, the spirituality of their nations, their centuries' worth of ancient power, remains deep within the earth. There are some members of the Kiowa, Comanche, Arapaho, and Cheyenne nations that remain and practice their traditions. The question is whether their homeland itself will allow other practitioners of magic to come in and share in its secrets.

Missing People

It began with those who weren't noticed by most. Outcasts; those who were involved in crime and illegal dealings; those who struggled to survive in poverty; and generally citizens who kept to the seedier parts of Denver City. When the police were notified, nothing much was done. The territory was large and wild beyond civilization. People went missing all the time, it was said. Not everyone could thrive out here, especially those who were skirting on the edge of danger.

But the numbers keep climbing. And ordinary, good folk start to go missing too.

Where do they end up? There are no concrete clues. There are no traces of bodies. It's almost like these victims just vanish into thin air.
There is someone behind the kidnappings. And this person, but not someone human, may single-handedly thwart all efforts of peace between the species.

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