Ruins of Wildwood

An original, intermediate-level realistic wolf play-by-post rpg.

Ruins of Wildwood - An original, intermediate-level realistic wolf play-by-post rpg.

In the remote wilderness that is the realm of Relic Lore, the Ruins of Wildwood is currently considered no man's land. Three years ago, a deadly fire burned the Wildwood to the ground. It has taken some time, but the forest has begun to flourish again. With its revival, the wolves of the surroundings areas have also begun to rise up... and break down. Friends, foes, and fateful events beyond control dictate the development of life in Relic Lore. Even amid territorial lines and pack politics, it goes without question that the only way to survive lies in forging and severing your own ties.

Ruins of Wildwood is an intermediate realistic wolf RPG that has been open since 2010. We are a friendly and welcoming community of writers that have created a dynamic world populated with both long-standing characters and new characters just beginning their journeys in the forests of Relic Lore. Our goal is to improve our skills as writers while developing creative characters that experience both the best, the worst, and everything in between, that fate can throw at them.

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