RP Collective

Worlds without end

We are a multi-genre roleplaying and collaborative writing forum. In terms of character creation, the sky is the limit. If you can imagine it, there is pretty much definitely a place for them in the Collective so long as they fall within the general rules and regulations of the site. Rather than one particular forum-wide RP, we offer a variety of games set within their own worlds with their own settings and established time periods. As a forum, we have a persistent world that is quasi-dimensional - meaning that nearly every era or epoch of time is available for play. The Collective tends to admire diversity and individuality - most of our RPs are run by members, and cover a number of genres and categories. Additionally, in terms of plot and story, the Collective makes use of our persistent world - one that is populated by the physical avatars of our members, who confront a variety of issues and problems that come from extradimensional travel and tampering.

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