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Unlimited Anime Roleplaying - Use any sort of anime related character or anime related OC to fulfill your ongoing roleplaying experience with any genre or rating.

Greetings, I am Carver - Admin for Rorupurei.
We are an unlimited anime roleplaying site, that can be involved with any sort of genre or anything build up involving the anime world. We have over 500 members currently and are growing and still making slow changes to our site to better fit for our members. If you have any requests or ideas, you are able to express them on our site. Rorupurei isn't it's name without our members. We have applications and it says 'Face Claims', but it just means what your character looks like, the website does allow more than one of the same face through our the site - can be more than one Naruto for example.
We are not very strict - except we try and organize our board the best we can and hope our members follow along. We have any genres and if you would like to request a genre, then we would make a board for it. Once you get into our site, it automatically shows you where to lead to - which is our New Players Guide.
We are an active site - as well as an active staff - and we look forward to you being part of our community if interested.

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