Rising Stars of Pern

Dragonriders of Pern, 11th Pass, Traditional Canon, PBEM

As the Red Star rises for the 11th Pass in history, it rains down the ancient enemy, Thread. Through fire, fall, and death, the riders of the 11th Pass rise to meet their foe. They are the Rising Stars of Pern.

Dragons Reach Weyr

Dragons Reach Weyr was founded on the far Western reach of the Southern Continent in the middle of the 10th Pass, Turn 25 and is 295 Turns old. Using stone cutting techniques that were recovered from AIVAS's memory archive in the 9th Pass, Dragons Reach Weyr is carved into the side of a high, plunging mountain face. The rocky region is difficult to navigate by foot or wagon, and generally requires the wings of a dragon to reach unless using the tunnel that was built to allow entry to tithing trains.

As the cycle tends to go, Dragons Reach Weyr dwindled some in numbers during the Interval between the 10th and 11th Pass, but now firmly in Turn 20, Dragons Reach Weyr is at full strength and is a commanding, powerful presence on the peninsula where it resides. The current Weyrwoman has been the Senior Gold at Dragons Reach since Turn 5 of the 11th Pass, while the Weyrleader's position has switched hands multiple times, until landing on the current Weyrleader in Turn 19.

We are currently in Turn 20 of the 11th Pass.

Black Shoals Hold

Black Shoals Hold is a coastal port on the eastern banks of the peninsula and it is as old as the Weyr itself. It was founded in Turn 30 of the 10th Pass and is 290 Turns old. The shores there are rocky and rough, and the people more so. The main source of income for the people of Black Shoals is importing and exporting goods via ships across the channel to the mainland of the Southern Continent. The family that leads Black Shoals has a long history on the peninsula, and people revere their power almost as much as if they were dragonriders.



We are in Turn 20 of the 11th Pass. By this point in time dragonriders are very familiar with Thread and how to fight it. It's not new, they're not panicking, they're just going about their daily lives fighting Thread.

Weyr-Hold Relationship
As of Turn 20, the Holds understand the importance of the Weyr and that they protect them from Thread. They tithe as expected, and in return the Weyr provides them with transportation and protection from Thread.

Women on Pern
Womens place in the world has improved by the 11th Pass. Although Holders still generally wish for their women to be wives and mothers, women ARE allowed in any craft that they choose, as long as they can pass the entry exam. Women now ride blue dragons, this is not a shock, nor is it looked down upon in our 11th Pass Pern. At the Weyr female blueriders are considered just as ordinary as as female greenrider, even if there are not as many of them. At the Hold, a woman riding a blue dragon may still be frowned upon.

By the 11th Pass, Pern has some limited technology such as electricity (it's not as great as our modern electricity, and it's probably somewhat unstable, but it will light a room or power a freezer in the kitchens.)

AIVAS did exist, but the dragonriders were unsuccessful in their attempt to rid Pern of Thread forever.

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