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renewal– noun – act of renewing; the state of being renewed

Monsters. Dogs. Traps.
The clans were chased out of their homes by twolegs. First the twolegs started by setting traps and then they brought out monsters. Trees fell, dirt piles created, and the clans world falling apart. RiverClan and WindClan were the first victims and then ThunderClan and ShadowClan were next. ThunderClan and ShadowClan’s forests were destroyed. Prey was scattered and scarce. They couldn’t live there anymore and so they ran.
They joined together in a huge clump and left. Clans were mixed and relationships were formed between cats of different clans. Their journey out of their destroyed land was hard just like their journeys before. Cats were lost and cats died, cats with higher positions no longer remained because of the chaos, and new half-blooded kits were born and the original clans were destroyed. Now they found a new spot but there is still uneasiness. Anyone can claim leader position.
Four cats did claim leader positions and soon there were four clans by the names of GustClan, MarshClan, FloodClan, and ShadeClan. After the four cats went to get their leader names StarClan granted them a power that matched what type of clan their clan was. The cats that joined the different clans were fascinated by these new powers but no one else seems to have a power. StarClan said that they will grant only a few cats a power. The clans have survived their first leaf-bare in the new territory and are now slowly moving on to their first new-leaf.