Ramis Fatorum

Wolf rp with a mystery

Three packs, each vastly different from each other. rule the lands: the kind and enduring Vertok, the cruel and power-hungry Sanzin, and the mysterious and withdrawn Au'Dar. A fourth company roams the land in the form of the loner's Guild, the Mercurior. The fate of the packs has yet to be decided while the story of the past is yet to end. Their past is filled with secrets. Whether or not it will affect their future is up to you to decide.

Ramis Fatorum features a character-driven present-time plot and pre-plotted past timeline. Characters are made for the present timeline and as their story progresses, may uncover the past. The past is filled with hidden histories and secrets whose effect on the present is yet to be seen. It is up to you to find the hidden truths.

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