Puyo Puyo Universe

A crossover-friendly roleplay with its own homebrow character progression, lite stats and dice system to facilitate mechanical combat.

Puyo Puyo Universe: Legends of Sorcery is a crossover-friendly sandbox-styled roleplay set in the universe of Compile's Madou Monogatari series and its spinoff, Sega's Puyo Puyo series. We aim to be a character development driven, progression focused site where even those unfamiliar with the parent series can easily join in and write their own stories.

One of the site's crown jewels is its homebrew tabletop style progression system. It combines a basic, lite stat system that influences your dice rolls with a currency system that rewards you for writing and a progression system that allows your characters to grow stronger, learn new abilities of your own design and even gain recognition from the world around them.

With a variety of video game crossover potential that extends even to crossover worlds, our homebrew systems, and our close-knit community, we hope you'll join and make some memories with us.