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Profane is an LGBT-friendly RP set in the Caribbean featuring werewolves, witches, vampires hunters, kelpies, undines, naga and fae.

On the twenty-ninth year of its creation as a sovereign state, New Ilium celebrates its promise to be a shining example of the powers of globalization and a brighter future. In only twenty-nine years, it has gone from being a colony of the new worldthat was once a haven for pirates and a free market for trade, into a modern day tour de force to be reckoned with. With cunning leaders of capitalism, the geographical advantage of where it is today, and through sheer force of will, New Ilium stands before you today, a veritable jewel of the Atlantic.

However, its interesting geographical location, rich multilayered history and opportunities for a better future are not all that attract people to New Ilium. It has, and always has been, a magnet for the supernatural. In a part of the world that was once called the Devil's Triangle, the island of New Ilium stands as testament to the fact that humanity knows so little about the world around them. Standing at an intersection of ley lines, magic is more potent here; the energy that fills every person and every thing in this world is much stronger; the lunar cycle loosens its hold over werewolves; and even vampires can once more meet the beautiful, tropical sun underneath New Ilian skies.

As a beacon of hope to all creatures in the world, attracting all manner of creatures both mundane and supernatural, New Ilium stands on the precipice of chaos. A land so potent, so vibrant, so full of mystery and possibility lies for those who seize the opportunity. So dark, however, the con of man, that some would let their hubris despoil this paradise for others. The land is small, after all, and some would rather die than share this bounty of the universe with others. In the eyes of the universe, these vile creatures are all but profane.

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