Pokemon Rapture

Explore the Deprin Region!

It's been 86 years since the last Pokemon vanished from the Deprin Region, and it's a beautiful day. The sun is out, children are playing, Pidgeys are singing ...

Pidgeys are singing.

In Sunhaven, a Squirtle waves cheerfully at a gobsmacked surfer. A Mudkip hops out of a hot spring in Drackinhelm. Streets jam in Mistveil as pedestrians jockey to get a look at a single Pidove perched on a pole.

Pokemon are back.

Pokemon Rapture is a Pokemon-based RPG with emphasis on roleplay, worldbuilding, and character development.

Start your journey as a new trainer in the isolated Deprin Region, where Pokemon have just returned from a mysterious decades-long disappearance. Deprin wants you -- to help rebuild its trainer class from scratch.

Explore, catch Pokemon, earn gym badges, become a gym leader, and maybe even figure out why Pokemon disappeared -- all at Pokemon Rapture.

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