Pokemon Mature Journeys

Adult 18 plus, An new region, a new world of pokemon as they are human like, and can talk. Fandom / Original Characters Click to read more

Adult 18 plus roleplay forum. An new region with towns both by sea, and among land as mature content occurs around it with the human characters being 16, or older. Pokémon are human like here, and can talk like humans as well. Region map is an work in progress as each member adds to it.
Fandom / original characters.
Other members can play as your pokemon / human partners if you wish.
No claims for the fandom characters. Each member has an different story for the same character. Yes 16, and older means growing up some of them.
Pokémon discriptions are different with each member.

Welcome to Pokémon Mature Journeys

Yes with both fandoms, and your own characters / pokemon that are already in a roleplay can be re-used in different ones at the same time. Which means the same request can be asked / responded to several times. It's up to the member to accept / decline / closed to further requests for that character.

The world of pokemon, brand new, Our fellow creatures are human like. Some wearing clothes, and some not, some with hands, and some with paws, some with their animal like mouths, and some with complete human faces. Some with just animal ears, and tails for their fur spots, and some the usual antro way of an animal on two legs. Some females are regular, and some have a crotch down below / are futa.

In this world they have the same attacks, but there's two versions. One being the usual kind, and one where when you use a attack it comes out as an sexual move. The loser is the one who releases first, so in order to win bump up how long they can last sexually with some help from items found in the poke-store along with some healing items.

Optional, While in their poke-ball they can see, and talk from it. So if you hear a voice from your pocket, don't be alarmed.
In your roleplays this can be either included, or not.

In this world both human, and pokemon interact with each other, but for some worlds are devided.
Pokémon are able to talk clearly with the human kind as they talk like humans themselves.
Nurse joy takes care of both pokemon, and humans. She'll do sexual things with you if saying the special code. 'Can you take care of my owchie?'
Yes Officer Jenny with her long hair in her dark colored uniform will have sex too with who she wants.
remember each Joy, and Jenny are different.

In some parts of the world there are some stuff pokemon are only allowed at for contests, championships , ect.

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