Pleasure In the Pain

Original SNP - BDSM - RPG - 18+ - Jcink

London fell first, it was not a slow and steady decline, nor was it a long drawn out battle. No, the witches did not mess around. The city fell within an hour. All human life turned into undead ravenous husks. Hungry for flesh of their own kind, it spread from one to the other and so on, a plague too deadly and aggressive to fight. It had been a decisive attack, and one that was echoed in key location's around the globe. Tokyo, Sydney, France, Moscow, all saw plagues released on the human population. Not all were the zombie fueled madness of london.

In New Orleands the sickness was much different, a desire, a need to serve those more powerful flooded the human population and before long all but the most strong willed had been signed voluntarily into slavery. Huge warehouses full of cages of human's waiting happily to serve their new lords and ladies. It was the work of the vampires, though the werewolves were not exactly fighting the plan, and had a hand in spreading the magic through the population.

Vampires can transfix you see, enamor, enslave. Normally if it is merely one vampire, it is nothing more than a passing fancy, a tingle to obey. The older the vampire the more powerful. What happened in New Orleans however, was lent the magic of the elves, sick of living in the shadows while the human world destroyed their planet, the supernatural world had joined together in a fragile but powerful alliance, to over throw, enslave and conqueror the humans. To come out of the shadows.

And now, here we are, years later, there are very few human's left in the free world, and those that are, have learnt to hide as their supernatural counter parts once used to do. Not all humanity is lost however, a great many of them have been forced into slavery or have, as in New Orleans and other places, Italy being a major hub, volunteering for a life of servitude to their lords and masters.

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