Peaches & Cream RP

a stylized fantasy animal roleplay game

Peaches & Cream is an original stylized high-fantasy animal roleplay. The roleplay is set on an alternate magical Earth and focuses on the unique groups of animals that exist across the land. Humans once lived on the alternate Earth, but disappeared a long, long time ago. Now, animals live within the towns, cities, and structures left behind. Some feral animals (all playable characters) have been born with human-like intelligence and emotions and sometimes even with unnatural appearances or special powers. These special animals have claimed and shaped the earth into small nations built by them. The groups of animals have claimed and defended territories throughout the land and rally under unique identities, values, and goals. The alternate Earth of the roleplay is vast and magical, beautiful but sometimes dangerous, and the groups established upon it face challenges from the world around them as well as among one another.

P&C has a character-driven, sandbox style plot with roleplay that is group-based with a mix of fantasy action/adventure and slice-of-life aspects. The story of the roleplay is written by members as characters interact and guide the group roleplay with their actions. You progress your character at your own pace and in your own style by writing with other members' characters and creating stories and plots of your own. While there is no official site plot, P&C will hold periodic site events for members to participate in.