Oo De Lally

a dark animation roleplay

Once upon a time there was peace in the kingdom of Fantasm... Despite the separation of classes the members of the prospering kingdom cared about one another and longed to see each and every person achieve what they wished... Until the darkness came. It was a winter's night when a sweeping shadow reached across Fantasm Kingdom, stretching it's cold limbs over the lively town, and wiping the smiles off of it's people's faces. Mickey Mouse himself, once an understanding king, suffered the greatest consequence -- the loss of his very essence. Dark Mickey emerged from the shadows and destroyed the honorable lands of Fantasm, taking it's people's happiness with it, and leaving the world in disarray. Mickey had a mirror that kept his darkness at bay, because even the happiest person has darkness inside, but Hades discovered it and, in an act of defiance, shattered it. The darkness inside was released, spreading across the land in a thousand tiny mirror shards, and King Mickey succumbed to his darkness, forming Dark Mickey. Merlin, sensing danger, fought back in order to protect the world from the destruction potentially caused by Dark Mickey's reign. He used every ounce of his magic to hold the looming darkness at bay before, in a burst of white light, banishing the 'shadow' known as Dark Mickey and sealing Souris Castle. However, parts of Dark Mickey remain in the many mirror shards scattered about the kingdom. None of Fantasm's people know what happened to their king, to Dark Mickey, or even if the two are a separate entity... Just that he's vanished, leaving Fantasm to rebuild. But even the smallest mouse knows that you cannot hold back the darkness forever and while it may loom just out of reach of the kingdom does not mean it won't eventually leech it's way back.