Never Say Die

An original, stylized, nonrealistic animal/furry rp.

Never Say Die - An original, stylized, nonrealistic animal/furry rp.

never say die is an original, stylized, nonrealistic animal/furry roleplay hosted on jcink forums.

never say die is a small and laid-back roleplaying community. we have a pg-13 rating, no word count, and a simple application. our roleplay is set on an alternate earth with a unique fantasy-esque setting featuring civilized animals called fantasms. all animal species are allowed to be roleplayed along with unrealistic hybrids and mythical and original species.

we have a sandbox style plot with a focus on character interaction and writing your character's story at your own pace. we value creative freedom and a welcoming environment for all roleplayers. we host frequent site events for members to participate in!

if you are looking for a new animal roleplaying community, please come give never say die a try! <3

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