an advanced feline roleplay


Welcome to Narcolepsy, a play-by-post stray cat role play targeting intermediate & advanced role players. We open to the public with the intentions of beginning a literate feline role playing community open to users who may not be familiar with the popular Warriors series.
Narcolepsy demands a minimum of two hundred & fifty words per post from all of our members, but offers a simplistic set of rules, a variety of in character settings, & a fresh environment for users looking to get back into the habit of role playing. We are built to embrace a growing community, & have broad parameters to accommodate many users, & to avoid stunting creativity in the confines of a narrow plot line, or a sparse array of settings.
The staff would urge users to plot out their characters lives in the Plotting board, and collaborate with other members' characters to create an elaborate net of relationships, events, and occurrences in the lives of their creations.