An Original High Fantasy RP

Our story begins six centuries ago. A great calamity has arisen to bring forth the inevitable doom of the world. The realm of dreams, often called Limbo, has crashed into the waking world. Spawning endless hordes of monsters that have infested the planet. Living nightmares made flesh called the Eldritch. It was during this time of trouble that the mortal god Parem'Zel used his immense power and mastery of magic to create a high, nigh impenetrable ring of mountains. In a desperate attempt to protect the last remnants of the mortal races. His descendants claiming the throne of a unified empire of all races. Six centuries later and the great black iron wall of Athigard to the north is all that stands between us and the terrible dark that's lies beyond. The only known passage across the mountains. But as time goes own, few remain who still remember the great calamity. The empire is currently on the verge of civil war, all while the true enemy prepares for an assault upon the walls and if it falls, The Doom Begins...

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