Merovech, a mystical land that is always on the move. Full of slave trades and a tyrannical royal family, will you survive?

Merovech is a secret place, always there yet always forgotten.

We remember that saying don't we? Well Merovech isn't the same. The dark energy has grabbed the land with a vise grip. If you come, you better not try and leave. Or a piece of the dark will go with you. Merovech is an odd place. Enchanted by magic to always move, never being found twice. Well if you're lucky you won't find it again. It is still freshly barbaric, with slave markets teeming with the innocent victims of violence and war. The land is ruled by a King and Queen, though rarely fair and gentle, and the royal family makes sure they stay on top. The land it self is home to many different species, yet the humans know nothing about the 'monsters' that go bump in the night. Though a few humans may have glimsped or have the truth they generally are oblivious to those things that aren't 'real'. Everywhere you look there could be something deceiving you, something that truthfully shouldn't be there but is. Odd shops and homes seem to crackle with energy, good or bad. Of course the slaves don't want to be slaves forever, and a rebellion has once again taken form.


The basic idea behind Merovech is that it is a Medieval, Fantasy based Slave site with many secrets. The land itself is quite large and prosperous, but it never stays in the same place. Enchanted by a magic far older then time itself, Merovech will move continously and doesn't stay in the same place often. It is said once you find it, and leave, you will never stumble upon it again. The species ruled as 'monsters' [werewolves, vampires, fae, ohmy!] are not known to the humans, the humans believe they are the only ones in Merovech. Though the unsettling feeling is making many start to wonder. Ruled by a tyrannical King and Queen, Merovechians live in fear of the slave market and the creatures bumping at their door. The land itself is surrounded by forest, mostly, and it is said the forest is the home to the monsters. Most humans won't go there. Most humans won't ask questions. Who will be brave enough to survive?