Magical Chaos

Magic Wars, Death, Darkness, Purity, Fighting for survival

Welcome to Magical Chaos, the vast land of Magicoz
In a land, full of a variety of beings and creatures. There is one that over looks them all. She is the protector, the Guardian of Lieta, the Empress of Magicoz. Join her for her fight for freedom..for the power of good, for the Light. Keeper of the Light Realm, and Guardian of the Land. Empress Quinn needs your loyalty and aid.
There are those who oppose her, from the depths of Caligo. A realm where the dark, the evil, the misguided dwell. They serve the Caligian Guardian, a being who lives to bring pain and torture to those who live in the lighter realms. Though a keeper watches the gates, they find ways of escaping the forbidden realm. They are the monsters in which your parents warn you about.
The remaining five realms serve as home, as shelter for the other citizens. They represent the elements; Fire, Water, Wind, Earth and Snow. Each with their own unique gifts and abilities. They are protected by a Guardian that watches over their home realm. There is much to do. Why wait?