Lost Story: The Lion King RPG

Scar has been exiled for attempting treason. Where will a kingdom go from here whilst reeling from the scandal?

The kingdom of Pride Lands is reeling from the scandalous fact that the king's brother attempted to murder him and their prince with the help of hyenas, and has now been exiled under bane of death. Only one positive thing has happened; the hyenas have also been "exiled" under bane of death so they won't be bothering Pride Lands as much anymore. Security in the land increased, visitors are still welcome but interrogated and watched closely, and protection of the royal family and especially of young prince Simba is now the focus of the king's Guard. Since news arrived of Scar's highly likely death, the security measures relaxed a little.

Can a kingdom recover from something this? When will it be over and back to state of normalcy? What kind of a king will Simba become when raised by his loving parents but growing up in a homeland shaken by scandal and sorrow? How do pridelanders find joy and light in this darkness?

The Lost Story is based on the 1994 movie, with an alternate universe plot twist. We have a Lion Guard inspired by the tv series but not the one from it. Only the first movie counts and everything else about the world is our own fan visions. Come join us in this fun passion project, and write with us stories about Pride Lands that didn't lose its beloved king but their world shook for an entirely different reason.

Other Notes:

- I will give Sarabi to anyone who wants her and is truly inspired and willing to stay for long term and remain reasonably active.

- Both canons and OCs are warmly welcome. TLK2 characters are allowed but you need to adapt it to fit this RP's alternate universe setting. Thir RPG bases on the first movie only, with AU storyline.

- The Lion Guard is only inspired by the tv show, not the one from it. The tv show has nothing to do with this RPG.

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