Legends Are Lessons

Fables | Fairy Tales | JCINK Premium | 18+

The House of Snow White has fallen, the Golden King's army continues to rise in the East, mermaids to the North drown our vessels, and Hollander to the West sinks further into disarray by the day... Happily ever after seems but a figment of the past...

While fairy tales have become predominantly softened for the younger generations, Legends Are Lessons celebrates the darker plots and themes of fables in their original form.

Many canons and Golden Era fables still open!

What we offer:
- A site original land with 5 Kingdoms, each with their own unique plot. Members can also “purchase” land on the site map and build their own Kingdom.
- Ability for members to create their own original characters to dwell and interact in the realms of fables.
- Premium jcink service, 3/3/3
- Multiple character races to choose from, magical and non.

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