Last of the Wilds

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Last of the Wilds is a supernatural post apocalyptic rpg set in what used to be Chicago, now called Fort Lincoln.

The year is 2117, and most of the world is believed to have been demolished by a nuclear war sparked by the reveal of the existence of supernatural creatures. As history has shown us time and time again, when humans are presented with something different than them, they react with violence. Propaganda spread quickly, urging humans to believe that the supernatural creatures were there to end the human race. War ensued, a much larger war than the world had seen before.

The war raged for nearly thirty years, and by the end few were left alive. The Earth was destroyed, and there was little left to fight for. Tired, out of resources, and with little other choice, the humans called for a truce. They were finally ready to live in relative harmony, and those left standing flocked to one of the few cities that still had enough structural integrity to house them. Seventy years later, it is believed to be the only living part of the Earth, an Oasis.

There was harmony, for a little while. The humans and supernaturals were never completely comfortable with each other, but they weren’t killing each other. There was crime, but there was no war. Finally, thirty years after The Fall, both sides began to believe that amends could be made and that the world could be rebuilt.

Like all good things, that peace came to an end. Zachariah Lincoln took the Presidency, and soon enough there were regulations, laws, and restrictions placed against the supernatural community that began to raise red flags. They were fired from their jobs, called criminals, and there was a rise of hate crimes again. At the urging of a few supernaturals who had either grown up during the war or even been around for the beginning of the war, a small resistance group formed, with a council of supernaturals to advise them and represent their species.

Just when they began getting some traction, something happened that gave everyone yet another thing to worry about; Life from the outside, something thought to be impossible. This life came in the form of what the citizens are now calling Wilders, who presented themselves in a small group at the entrance to the city, only to be killed by the military on the spot on live television expanding the Resistance.

Civil Unrest is heavy in the air, along with fear and confusion… The perfect storm of ingredients for another war.
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