Lands Of Pondira

An original medieval fantasy RPG


Deep beneath the earth's surface, the rumblings of evil have been stirring as of late. An ancient force, once trapped in an eternal prison, has escaped its bonds and drives the minds of the darker denizens of Pondira. Above the surface, the various kingdoms and races are mostly ignorant, outside of their rulers and leaders who have an intricate system of detecting the shifts and changes in the world. 
With the disappearance of the Elvysh king, and the subsequent illness of his Queen, the Heir Apparent, Crowned Princess Ainadelothwën has taken charge of her people while managing to keep the exact details of her father's disappearance a mystery. However, the truth of the act seems to not be a mystery to her, as she has previously formed an alliance with the Human kingdom and keeps correspondence with them. King Dracke of the Human kingdom has pushed his son Rhys forward to call a meeting of the Elvysh and Human armies, as well as the monarchs, to discuss the solidifying of their force. 
Meanwhile, the Zephyr have recently made contact with King Dracke, revealing their previously unknown existence and opening up trade as well as possibilities for alliances. The Fae realm has been rather docile, and seems to have hidden its location away from all non-Fae eyes. 
Some of the seers have been spouting prophecies and tales, sometimes contradicting themselves. However, the one prophecy they all embrace and speak of is as follows:


Evil brews beneath the surface,
Darkness ever encroaching,
Death and destruction will follow in quick succession,
The world will burn,
Life will end,
The only beacon of hope,
Is the long-forgotten gods,
And a pact more solid than stone...

Whether this prophecy is true or not, no one is quite sure. However, every resident of the land can feel change brewing in the distance...