Jacmus Prime RPG

Geofictional fantasy text role play game (Chat and Forums)

Jacmus Prime RPG is a text based role-play game that was first launched in 2002 in Cheeta Chat.  Now with its own Chat rooms and 'wiki' style interactive player web site JP RPG is reopening its doors upon a new era and new cast of players.

Jacmus Prime was once a magic less land. Ever so slowly magic has been seeping back into its vivid landscapes as the fantasy races fight for supremacy and survival.  The Gods of old are gone and new Demigods are rising as Demon spawn are spilling into the world.

Dark Fantasy themes abound in this imaginative environment where you are encouraged to help create the world of Jacmus Prime.  Our game is structured with a loose set of rules to encourage fairness and improvised text role play. It's much like writing a collaborative story through the eyes of fantastic and often terrifying characters.