Isilme: Anarore

Mythical Equine War RPG

Rumors still spread: of the land called Isilme, birthplace of legend, where the horned, the winged, and the original equines lived in shared equanimity and peace. Where those who ruled commanded great power, and shaped the world to their whims. And some of it is true: Isilme's kings were mighty, her population varied and extravagant.But they drove themselves to ruin.The very strongest of the fair land's kings were demigods, true-blood descendants with power enough to challenge the very founders of their race, and like their fathers they were hateful. Under their rule a land already baptized with blood was drenched in it, and the wars they waged reshaped the earth, reformed alliances, challenged the faith of the most loyal. When they met and fell on the battlefield, the untamed magic in their bodies was unleashed. It changed Isilme's landscape forever, and all who survived the war were plunged into darkness.With the awakening of the survivors dawns a new era, one plagued with uncertainty and strife. Will those who survived find peace and find a way to live as the legends claim, or are they doomed to fall just as their fathers did: grasping at power and choking on blood?