Irenic Institute

An original collaborative supernatural dark-fantasy with a supportive mature community.

All of existence is a battleground.

The war between the Darkness and the Light has been raging for millennia. Daemons and Seraphim, the foot soldiers of the war, do their best to corrupt and coerce humanity into taking sides. The best that humanity could hope for if either side wins would be annihilation.

A balance must be struck. The Irenic Institute, humanity’s only hope for survival, stands on the precipice between the Light and the Dark. They wage a covert war of their own to protect humanity from the creatures that would destroy or enslave them.

Which side will you choose?

We are a mature, literate roleplay set in modern day London. Irenic agents wage a covert war against supernatural threatening to subjugate humanity. Blending science fiction, occult horror and spy thrillers, The Irenic Institute is looking for recruits.

Three Years Old - Profile Application
No Word Counts - No Activity Checks
Premium Board - Mature Community
LGBTQIA Friendly