In Plain Sight

If you want to hide something, hide it where everyone can find it.

In Plain Sight is an Original Medieval Fantasy RPG set on the continent of Quarilia where everyone lives in relative harmony. The site focuses on our own homebrewed lore as well as adapted classic lore to provide an interesting and unique experience for all characters regardless of their race. Members have the option to influence the direction the site takes (under the guidance of the administrators) through posting and there is plenty of room for character development.

What In Plain Sight has to offer:
  • Jcink Premium forum with 3/3/3 rating.
  • Site Discord server and cbox.
  • Unique and adaptable activity system.
  • 100 word per post minimum.
  • Pureblood and hybrid race options.
  • Race customisation options.
  • Character influenced plots and events.
  • Canon list, wanted ads, and adoptables.
  • Dark, light, and large font skins.
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