I Choose You!

Asian inspired pokemon shifter fantasy

I Choose You! - Asian inspired pokemon shifter fantasy

The world of Ierós is divided into three kingdoms, each with its own distinctive traits and each led by an Emperor or Empress. For as long as anyone can remember, these three kingdoms have been at war with one another, in search of the Blinking Stone--a magical artifact said to be able to harness the power and even destroy the legendary beasts that still wage war with one another, threatening to raze the planet.

The Blinking Stone is elusive, however, as it phases in and out of existence at any given time. In addition, no one knows exactly what it looks like. The only hint as to its powerful abilities and how to use it exists in the form of an inscription written into an ancient jade tablet. The tablet is broken off into three pieces, with each piece kept by each kingdom.

Thus, only when the kingdoms are united and the three pieces joined together, can the inscription be read in its entirety to reveal the secret of the Blinking Stone.

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