Homeworld Legacy

An AU Steven Universe RP

Homeworld Legacy - An AU Steven Universe RP

Homeworld Legacy is a steven universe based roleplay focusing more so on the homeworld side. The timeline is set where Pink Diamond succeeds in the gem rebellion war, era 2 proceeds as planned with new gems reforming in colonized kindergartens. Some rebels have survived the diamond attack trying to regain in numbers, with off-colors hidden in homeworld rebels are trying to make a stand once more reclaiming their planet, earth.

Playable Ranks: Homeworld Gems, Off-Colors(isn't a rank on site though you can make your character an off color which is a defect)and Crystal gems.

Canon Positions: Yes! the site has position where you can apply to become the new leader of the crystal gems, the diamond's pearls or even a half gem breeds!

Looking For Staff : What's great about being staff is that you have access to become a diamond depending which one is available, currently Blue Diamond and Yellow Diamond staff positions are open! please contact me on the site if interested.

Groups: Your are able to obtain your very own custom group however it won't be official until you have a total of 3 members in the group first.

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