Holy Machinations

An original dystopian sci-fi play-by-post roleplay set in an alternate timeline where angels arrived.

Welcome to Holy Machinations, a dystopian sci-fi roleplay.

Holy Machinations takes place in an alternative timeline to our world. In this world, in the year 2012, angels descended upon humanity.

Nobody knows where these entities came from, but they were here to observe at first. Then, to help in any way they could. Yet in the capitalist greed, world leaders sought after these horrifying-looking but kind and helpful creatures, seeking to profit from these creatures. Corrupt nations turned their gaze to war. The seemingly infinite potential of these creatures would've made more deadly weapons possible. At the same time, science wondered if these angels could turn humanity's dream of achieving space travel possible.

War wasn't the only thing that started to evolve when the angels arrived... For some humans, it meant awakening of new powers. Telepathy, pyrokinesis... Before these powers could be explored to the fullest, however, the worst case scenario came to fruition. At the morn of the third World War, angels were bound to huge machines of war with endless possibilities for destruction... But these machines, they didn't function as supposed to. Huge claws meant for scaling terrain turned to trying to hold a crying child. The muzzle of a gun trying to wipe tears off a scared face. Magnificent creatures, all disappeared or caught and turned to monstrosities, decaying slowly in their metal prisons. This decay would prove to cause the reckoning.

Decayed angels slowly went berserk, acting like wild, scared animals, huge metal machines with endless destructive power attacking everything that moved. Earth was reduced to rubble. Human population dwindled.

Now, in the year 2123, you are part of the people that remain, amidst ruins of the civilization. Strange new powers lurk in the wilderness, human and animal alike awoken with new powers. Roaming angels with minds so corrupt they cannot remember their original purpose anymore. You're standing on the deck of the Walking City. A city of many names: as many as there are languages on board. An early concept of an angel-powered megastructure, it harbours some of the bravest -or most foolish- people.

Angel hunters, as they call themselves, seek to free these originally kind entities of their seemingly eternal torment, tackling one angel-weapon at a time. Others think of the Walking City as the safest or most interesting place on Earth. Regardless, all have gathered here on the Walking City, including you.

How will you choose to survive?
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