GreaterRealms: RhyDin & Beyond

GreaterRealms - GreaterRealms: RhyDin & Beyond

Play who you want, when you want and what you want. No applications. No approvals. No long waiting time. Create your character, sign in and start the journey.

GreaterRealms is set in Rhydin, the old AOL chat room planet and city that became the melting pot of medieval, fantasy, science fiction, victorian and more. All roads (magically or not) lead to Rhydin. You never know what you will find day in or day out.

Open since 2010 our community is an 18+ community as we cater to a more mature crowd with occasionally more adult writing. Our forum software is Xenforo with a paid ad on Chat room that allows users to join any public room, or create their own rooms, public and private.

Come dream with us!

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