Gladiator Championship Wrestling

The New Titan of Professional Wrestling. Enter the Colosseum and battle for gold and glory.

The unthinkable has happened. The titan has fallen. Scandals and legal troubles finally felled the behemoth that was World Wrestling Entertainment, sending shockwaves throughout the entire wrestling world.

Many promotions, old and new, scramble to fill the void. And one such promotion is the upstart Gladiator Championship Wrestling.

Funded by a wealthy Italian businessman, GCW has risen up in search of the greatest fighters of any stripe to battle in the GCW Colosseum. Many top talents have already taken up the Chairman's lucrative offer. Will you?

Join GCW and compete with the best, and help build what just might be the greatest promotion to ever put on a show.

GCW is an angle-focused kayfabe wrestling RP that pits the greatest wrestlers and professional fighters against each other in the squared circle. We value strong storytelling, compelling angles, and entertaining writing above all else. Pick your favorite real life fighter and join the quest for gold.

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