A Game of Intrigue

Loosely inspired by GRR Martin's A Game of Thrones, the game takes place in a medieval land slowly dissolving into civil war and anarchy, allowing players to take the parts of various nobles and courtiers scrambling for power, influence, wealth and status. The game is entirely dependent upon the characters' actions (or inaction), and the fate of the realms literally hangs in the balance. Age 18+, Rated R-NC17, Humans Only, No Magic. 

* * *

Forsilvra was a kingdom born of blood, won through the lust for power, conquered by steel and brutality, held together by alliances, loyalties and ancient rivalries- so it is only fitting that by those same forces it will be torn asunder. The lords of the land scramble for power as the throne that once held them together crumbles, and where once one king sat there now stand eight rulers, alike only in their ambition. Their web of intrigues stretches over the land as the last thing tying these kingdoms together, but will it hold, or will there be another conquest of the fractured realm? Join them in determining the fate of their world, for good or ill. 
In this war-torn land, glory is yours for the taking, and any man may reach for it, but when one takes a leap, they must remember to first look, for not even a king is beyond the reach of the Lady of Death.