Forest In The Sky

Small cats, canines, and others animals live on a small cluster of tropical fantasy islands.

Original, Free-form, Play-By-Post RPG
Age limit: 13, as long as you can write decently.
No application necessary to create a character and start playing. No word count, but at least 9 sentences per post is preferred.
Setting: a small cluster of Magical Islands
Characters that can be created: Small Felines, Canines, and Squirrel Monkeys,
(ask if you'd really like to play a different type of animal)
The island, where the story takes place, has fantasy elements and fantasy
creatures. Characters have the ability of communication during dreams.
We need all different types of characters and conflicts!
~~The trees of the forest in the sky soaked up the earth and heavens and shared
their virtues or illness with the creatures living upon them. At night as the
leaves awaited the sun, some creatures slept, sharing their dreams and
nightmares in a changing world visible only through sleep. Others crept through
the dark alone, tasting different mysteries. When the sun rose again, God could
be seen- a shadow on the cliff, praising the offerings thrown to the sea.~~