Original Supernatural Fantasy

The year is 2190 AD, it has been 150 years since the great cataclysm. God is dead, or so the citizens of creation believe. The creator has fallen and thus the apocalypse has begun. The archangels were forced to govern the cosmos in his stead. But with The Creator gone, the light of heaven began to slowly fade and the forces of hell made their move. In a single night the legions of hell swarmed the earth as the gates of purgatory were unlocked and demons swarmed the land. The nations of earth tried to fight off the billions of possessed, but to no avail. Fast forward to the late 22nd century and the remnants of humanity continue to fight enemies from above and below. Safe within the walled metropolis of Eden City. Humanity watches in horror as the possessed slowly claim their prize. Angels, demons, monsters, sorcerers, all of them now seek to dominate this godless universe and claim it as their own.

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