An Original Lore Based Renaissance Fantasy Roleplay

Estorica - An Original Lore Based Renaissance Fantasy Roleplay

Estorica is an Original Lore-Based Fantasy Sandbox roleplay, set in a Medieval time in a land called Malice. It heavily pulls from high fantasy ideas but is a distinguishable multi-genre role-play. All of its characters, lore, and concepts are designed by the founders of Estorica and its members. The time and setting are shared by all characters, the events of one topic can have an effect on another topic, and the characters in either topic could never actually meet. Estorica uses a domino effect style in its setting where everything is connected, and things fall into place to complete the story.The possibilities are endless, and you as a player decide what you will do in response to the breathing world around you.

When Mother gave us the gift of life, she couldn't have imagined how cruel we would become with it, or perhaps she made us in her own marred image. In this life, you are a resource, a material and an asset, something to be molded to fit the needs of others. If you're lucky, you'll take a few steps up the ladder, and look down upon the ones who stood where you did. If you aren't, you'll find that there's no such thing as too far down. We are the men that walk the earth, the kings that rule the land, the beasts that stalk the trees, and the ore that crafts the swords. There is no such thing as freedom here, unless you embrace the cruelty, unless you embrace the cycle. The cycle of creation, of pain, of subjugation, and of death. You were not the first to be thrust upon this ground, and you will not be the last. Make your choices, and make them quickly, else the world shall make them for you. Will you be a slave? Or shall you reach towards the impossibility of emancipation?

  • Open and Accepting new character application
  • No limitation on character race or species
  • No real-life models
  • 100+ word count
  • Discord is the primary form of communication
  • All players must be at least 16 years of age, players younger than 18 must provide a permission slip from a legal guardian.
    (Estorica Staff has the forms needed and will provide them when asked)
  • Anyone can help in world-building through a submission process

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