Essence of Horhsal

Original RP with a lot of lore, self-made creations, drawn and animanga avatars, and much more

Horhsal had a long history of a dangerous world and the people that fought against it before ascending to new heights throughout the ages.

And now, in the present, the Age of Expansion is advancing the world even further with new technological breakthroughs, old values that are being questioned, and more countries than ever before clashing for more land, resources or in the name of their ideology.

But even during those troubled times you are the one to decide your own role and purpose.

Will you take control over a country's actions as a ruler, be a soldier fighting for their homeland, an adventurer or explorer discovering more of the world, a regular citizen going about their everyday life or even someone with sinister motives?

Essence of Horhsal is an original science fantasy RP that plays in the world of Horhsal. It does not focus on the struggle between good and evil but rather global politics, ideologies, questioning the status quo, the Essence and its mysteries, and a world that is in the process of changing. Horhsal has the Essence instead of magic which comes with its own powers and various ways to use them.

Players will have a lot of influence on how events like politics will play out and can play almost any kind of character as long as it does not break the world's lore or logic.

The RP is 13+ and should not feature explicit sexual content. Guests can follow the guest message or click on "Newcomers" at the top-right.

- You can either play as a Post-Eophrim - races (including humans) that are closely related and the ones who made history and created countries - or make your own Non-Eophrim species. They do not have countries or Essence powers but can have their own species powers instead.

- A massive world with unique continents that has the potential to have over a hundred countries, plus the ability to add your own custom content

- Create a ruler and decide a country's fate by yourself!

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