Essence of Horhsal

Original RP with a lot of lore, self-made creations, drawn and animanga avatars, and much more

The Age of Expansion - an age of change for Horhsal.
Nations fight for resources and land, great powers and empires try to reign supreme, colonial nations colonize every speck of land they can find, corrupted countries become the target of revolutions, Unions start to influence politics, and even global companies begin to become powerful while the people are enjoying all the new inventions that come with technological progress.

Who are you going to be during this new age? Someone with political power, an adventurer or explorer that makes new discoveries, a soldier fighting for the glory of their home country, a traveling merchant, a celebrity, a regular citizen just trying to live their life in peace or someone else.
Will you be one of the people who can steer the future of this world or will you merely be a forgotten face among millions?

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